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Carol Cook - Writer, Author and Poet 

Carol pens humorous short stories with tongue in cheek comments, unveils unexpected mysteries of life, and questions our ongoing quirky behavior. 

She asks why are we so wasteful, how do we lose so much, how did we get to this point, and how do we survive now that we’re here? 

She presents us with delightful pleasures and frustrations while bemoaning the people charging across our path appearing under the influence of confusion. Her candid, edgy voice protests, complains, and asks, “How does one get lost in familiar places, why is there so much information on the ridiculous, why is everyone lying, how do we deal with the irritating and absent minded”?

Her witty, wise, and comical takes on promises, aging, marriage, every day annoyances, and illusions that befuddle millions call forth recognition of our self. Her clever, fun books have a hint of several well published comedic writers of today; yet Carol uses no foul/offensive language in her writing, nor writes on religious or political matters. Each short story will leave the reader with facts one didn't know they knew until reading her charming books.


New book, That Can't Be Right! is available in paperback and e-book on  Or contact Carol  by e-mail or her web site for autographed paperback edition